Vineyard: Clean silty soil of medium mixture with south exposure;
altitude: 295 meters S.L..
Density of planting: 5000 plants/hectare.
Grape Varieties: Malvasia del Chianti 100%
Way of rearing: Spurred cordon
Yield per Vine & Hectare: 60 hectoliters/hectare
Period of harvest: The hand harvest is done around mid-September, in the early hours of a single day; this is crucial to be sure to preserve the aromas and flavors of the grapes.
Vinfication: The first selection of the grapes is made directly in the vineyard; follows another strict selection just before the destemming process; after the delicate pressing the must is poured in small stainless steel
vats at controlled temperature.
Bottling is in April/May.
Particularities: Malvasia del Chianti is a special variety, often used in blends to produce Vin Santo, a Tuscan dessert wine. It’s not an easy task to make a 100% Malvasia vinification. This is the reason why we produce only
a small quantity of Malvasia Wine. The wine is avalaible preferably on future
vintages reservation.
Alcohol: 12,5/13,5 %
Tasting notes: Made with the autochtonous grape variety Malvasia Bianca
Lunga known as Malvasia Bianca Lunga del Chianti, a white grapes from
the Tuscan tradition, it is cultivated to produce a fresh wine, greatly enjoyable and due to its characteristics and organoleptic qualities, ready just a few months after the harvest. Straw yellow color with green nuances, intense scents of hawthorn, gorse, and white pulp fruits. The nice freshness is underlined by tones of almonds. The mild aromaticity delights the drinker as a particular expression of the grape in his authentic Terroir.
Serving temperature: 13° C