Vineyard: Clean silty soil of medium mixture with south exposure; altitude: 295 meters S.L..

Density of planting: 5000 plants/hectare.

Grape Varieties: White Malvasia del Chianti.

Way of rearing: Spurred cordon

Period of harvest: September, hand harvested with selection of the grapes in a perfect state of preservation and maturation.

Vinfication: the grapes are dried for four months on mats and the vinification will be in january-february. The must will be kept 7-8 years in Tuscany’s style barrels (Caratello) made of various woods (max. L.100). Follows a 6 months period in bottle.

Alcohol: 13,5 %

Tasting notes: Amber color with violet reflections. Intense, complex aromas that recall with warm dried fruit (Apricot, plum and walnut). Sweet, warm and dry, pleasantly soft and velvety, harmonic, intense, with a clear reference to the complex aromas and prolonged aftertaste feeling. It’s a wine with a strong personality and a tendency to meditation, comparable to a Sherry or Cognac. Excellent combination with hard cheeses or dark chocolate.

Serving temperature: 18° C