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Il Conio

Il Conio Vin Santo del Chianti DOC

Vin Santo (our sweet traditional Tuscan wine) made by a strict selection 100% Malvasia Bianca Lunga grapes, dried in a special environment with unique micro-climatic characteristics. After drying, the moist gets transferred into our exclusive caratelli (a special type of barrel) made by different kinds of wood, where it spends around 8 years.

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Silty loam soil without skeleton, mainly exposed north/south, on the hills of Valdarno di Sopra at an average height of 295 m above sea level.

Low spurred cordon training system with 5000 vines per hectare.

Malvasia Bianca Lunga, also known as Malvasia del Chianti and in 1500 as Malvasia Bianca di Montegonzi. The rootstock is SO4. Sixty hectoliters are produced per hectare.

The harvest is manual, generally carried out in the second ten days of September. The harvest is done in the early afternoon during the hottest hours. Each Malvasia bunch is selected for its intrinsic quality with its own company methodology.

The grapes are placed for several months on mats in our cellar and, depending on the vintage, are hung in penzane. At the end of natural drying, it is pressed. The must obtained is placed in Tuscan casks, which, produced with higher quality wood, have the function of slowly transferring their distinct aromatic essences. In this phase, the ‘mother of the family’ is added, a concentrate received as an inheritance and the result of a ‘blend’ that is three generations old and renewed with each ‘degassing’. Forced fermentation lasts between 6 and 8 years. The use of the ‘mother of the family’ makes this wine certainly unique and truly characteristic of the company. Once the caratelli are opened, the final cut is made, which follows a precise company methodology and which makes the vin santo ‘il Conio’ ​​a unique wine of its kind.

13,5 %

Amber color with intense, complex, frank and broad aromas of dried fruit and sweet spices. In the mouth it is sweet and fresh, intense, persistent, quite warm, with notes of juniper and dried fruit, acacia honey and ample spices; it is undoubtedly a sweet but fine and harmonious wine. Conio is to be considered a meditation wine comparable to the best Sherry and Cognac. It combines with dried fruit desserts and chocolate.